Mathieu Rampant

How to unlock TikTok’s potential to achieve your performance objectives.

TikTok presents a unique opportunity in the current media landscape. It is a hyper growth entertainment platform influencing culture, that is best at grabbing user attention. Combine this with our effective advertising solutions and you have a media channel you cannot miss. Join us and discover how to unleash TikTok’s full potential.

About Mathieu Rampant

Mathieu began his career in the movie industry where he was in charge on digital advertising. 4 years ago, he joined TikTok, leading the market launch and driving growth across multiple industries. Currently serving as the Country Manager for the Benelux region, Mathieu is responsible for overseeing TikTok’s monetization operations, fostering strategic partnerships, and revolutionizing brand engagement on the platform.

 Abovo Maxlead - LinkedIn

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Country Manager Benelux TikTok